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Amari Naturals is an organic brand that uses natural ingredients to make premium skin,body and hair care products. The word “Amari” means i love you in the Luo dialect from northern Uganda and of course “Naturals” which emphasises our commitment to using safe natural ingredients. We believe you are worth and deserve the best of what mother nature can provide, and you can achieve this using our safe and effective products.

Amari Beginnings.
When Catherine Kinyera had a son, her mother advised her to use natural products on him. This was because she wanted only the purest and the best for her grandson. She therefore suggested a rich butter extract from shea nut trees ( Nilotica Shea ) which is indeginous to Northern Uganda. Because of the good results she decided to explore avenues to share this wonderful natural butter with the world.

Together with her partner Simon Peter Opio they started the company shortly afterwards. This natural and organic personal care brand based in Kampala, eventually produced their flagship product, Shea body butter in 2017. Since then, we have grown into a passionate team that produces luxurious skin, body and hair care products.


CEO : Catherine Kinyera.

Dir. Research & Development : Micheal Kitooke.

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